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Behind The Scenes

Yesterday I promised I would talk a little bit about my experiences with clean ups not going over as smoothly as hoped so here you go.

The Fateful Barn

So a few posts ago I was talking about how difficult it is to get all of the permits and paperwork in order before everything is ready to launch for a fair or any real big event for that matter. I saw first hand how difficult it can be and how much of a hassle everything can be if this isn’t done much before opening day.

Like most state fairs, we had a farm animal area with a big red barn to keep all of the animals in. Just 3 days before Springfest was going to be open, the building inspectors decided that this was the perfect time to tell us that the roof of our barn was not up to code and had to be completely refinished or else they would not allow people inside whatsoever.


Now it wasn’t in as bad of shape as this picture, but just to give you an idea of what kind of building I am talking about. So the people in charge of this barn wanted to do the quick repairs themselves but the risk of not doing it properly or up to code was too great so they had no choice but to hire professional roofing contractors with experience like these to come out and take care of the problem on a moments notice, which obviously cost them some money that they were not planning on spending.

So instead of simply keeping up with roof cleaning and making sure everything was good to go like the rest of us had to do, the people who were in charge ended up spending well over a thousand dollars to handle the situation. Needless to say, this put a little bit of a damper on the barn exhibit before we opened and tensions were pretty high while the repairs were being done. Luckily for them it only took a day to find a company for replacing any types of roofs and everything was handled the day before we opened and they got the OK from the inspectors.

I hope everyone who does not have experience working any events like these can appreciate how much work and stress goes into them to some degree 🙂