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Double Check Everything

So I think the piece of advice that should be taken from yesterday would be make sure you double check everything and never try to cut any corners when it comes to preparing for a fair. The guys who were in charge of the barn incident should have known better than to try and squeak by the inspectors who are sticklers about everything. Instead of trying to pull a fast one like them, just make sure that you have everything completely done and ready to go as soon as you can.

Have Some Fun!

It is more than just convenient to have everything completely done in time when setting up for a fair. In addition to saving you tons of money as well, once everything is done you can have yourself some fun and take advantage of a completely empty fair!

This really should only be done if you are comfortable with the people who are in charge and others within the fair but for the most part, everyone is fun and in the same mindset that you are in. To me it is like being a kid in a toy store or a playground all to themselves and free to play or ride whatever they want with no lines. If everything is done in time you better believe that all of us employees took advantage and went around playing the games and having some adult fun before the crowd came the next day.

You probably wouldn’t be able to get away with this at the bigger ones like the World’s Fair so make sure to use common sense 🙂

Back To The Fun

Now that we got some of the boring stuff out of the way we can move on back to the fun and games!

Are Carnies Criminals?

There is a lot of general speculation out there that carnival games are all rigged and they are all designed to completely rob anyone who attempts to play them. Well coming from personal experience of working directly with carnies and seeing their games I can say that they are not all bad. The games that we had at Springfest although sometimes very difficult, were all completely legitimate and were definitely not made to scam people.


That being said…

I have definitely seen games on television shows and at certain fairs where they were rigged and next to impossible to win. Let me say that I think this is reprehensible and these people should honestly be arrested. Fairs aren’t designed for people to just make money off of unsuspecting and innocent people, but to bring people together for a great time for the whole family!

So just keep that in mind next time you are at a fair or carnival. I would like to think that most carnies out there are not bad people and are just employees running legitimate games, but there really is no sure fire way to tell if they are your friend or your worse enemy so be wary.