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Always Clean Up

Needless to say, State Fairs can get a little dirty.

I hope that this is sort of common sense for most people out there but I feel like it is a necessary story to tell for those who might not be as experienced as I am.

Animals Love Fairs as Much as Us!

As most of you probably know, there are usually quite a lot of animals at state fairs and these animals tend to attract other sorts of animals along with them. That being said, it is imperative that you wash up very thoroughly immediately when you get home from visiting any fair or carnival. I am sure that most of you do this already but it is pretty important that you take it seriously, especially with your kids.

Now I have personally not seen this happen, but a good friend of mine who has worked many fairs in her life has seen some real damage come from unwanted guests making new homes of her fair.

These little guests are called termites and they can do some real damage if you don’t catch them in time. So just like double checking everything for inspections like the barn story I told earlier, you should always double check everything as far as pests and other critters go as well and this is especially true if you are working with farm animals.


So just like the guys I was working with who had to have their barn completely redone just days before our opening, my friend obviously had to hire professional help to take care of their problem as well. Now this wasn’t as preventable as the barn roof, but they weren’t planning on paying the tab for the exterminator cost found here and it was a huge pain. While they had the company there they made sure to have them inspecting for termite damage in every other stand that was there, getting rid of mice, and anything else that could have been an issue.

I don’t mean to scare anyone out of going to the fair with this post, but just something to keep in mind when you’re washing up afterwards 🙂

The Animals

Now that I am a grown adult, for the most part :), exploring the different food vendors would have to be my favorite part about going to the fair. When I was a kid though, I always looked the most forward to going to see all of the different animals that you could pet and sometimes even ride.

Where Else Can You See A Pig Race?

I sure can’t think of any other places besides a fair.

Well, maybe some sort of rodeo but you know what I mean 🙂


If you have never seen a pig up close, especially a baby, let me be the one to tell you that they are absolutely adorable! The excitement that grows on my kids faces is absolutely hysterical whenever we see the pig pens and start walking over.

Another amazing thing that you can do for your kids is to let them ride and touch whatever they have. I remember one year when working at Springfest, we had actual camels come in and they were letting people take a lap around on the camel. Now these things are way bigger than you might think and even I was excited to ride one.

Something else that I have seen done at fairs but have never been brave enough to watch it happen is a mother cow giving birth. Now I am sure this is a beautiful thing in some peoples’ eyes but that is something I can do without 🙂