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One for the Ladies

Now that we got the fun stuff for the guys out of the way we can move on to the ladies 🙂

One of the more interesting things that I have seen at fairs before is agricultural shows or displays. They aren’t that common among fairs across the country but the ones that I have seen were fantastic!

Inspiration for the Home!

I have to give credit where credit is due. The majority of the garden that I have built at my home consists of flowers and plants that I have seen at an agricultural show. They brought out flowers and amazing potted plants that I had no idea even existed. Once I caught a glimpse of them I was immediately hooked and went straight to the store the next day to pick up my own. Now I have one of the most beautiful gardens (in my opinion) on my block.


They bring out plants that look like they came from a different country and they are all amazing.

For the Kids!

So far this doesn’t really sound like anything that many men or children would find interesting but do not fear because there is more. Something that is more common than exotic plants are the enormous vegetables that local farmers grew. These are some of the biggest and coolest vegetables that you will ever see and won’t believe how massive some of these things can get!